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Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty

After watching endless videos of You Tubers painting over their already flawless faces with Rihanna’s new makeup line, I knew I had to witness for myself what all the rage was about. My local Sephora was brimming with Fenty Beauty shoppers and sample seekers. I might have been the only Black woman hovering around the kiosk; everyone else was Asian, Hispanic or Caucasian. They were out of the medium/deep colors, while plenty of the deeper skin tone foundations remained. I stood around for a good five minutes before getting helped by a nice sales lady who had the patience to paint different foundation colors on my face and neck until we concluded that my shade is 407. I walked out having purchased the foundation and primer for just under $70.

Usually, my husband comments on the fact that I’m wearing makeup (he says I look best when my face is natural), but says nothing when I’m wearing the Fenty line. Hmmm. It does blend in with my face and is barely noticeable. However, it does cover some old acne spots on my face, though not all.

Overall, it’s a great product for the first two hours of use. After that, my oily skin makes its debut and does not retreat into hiding. I think it might by time to purchase Fenty’s blotting powder to remedy this problem.¬†Also, the packaging is awesome.

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